Embossing tool improvement

I have improved my embossing tool to provide more flexibility (and safety) at the rivet end. With it, you can emboss with a wide range of angles all along the length of the slot.

Here is an illustration of what the different angles of embossing look like if you zoom in really close to a cross-section of the slot.

This is embossing at a 45 degree angle:

This is embossing with a smaller angle:

Why is the angle important?

I visualize each slot as a tiny swimming pool. In my model, when the reed hits the water it creates a splash and the angle of the embossed edge can change the direction of the splash.

Here is the reed just before it hits the imaginary water:

A sharp angle would make the water "splash" further away.

Here the angle of the embossed edge is a lot smaller. A smaller angle would make the water "splash" higher

Different angles can offer different results as far as tone and response. You can use different angles on different portions of the slot. I encourage you to discover what is the best pattern for you.