Bulk purchase of five, ten or fifteen combs


I offer a significant discount for a bulk purchase of a set of five or ten combs. Combs are of the same model, random color.

Five combs: CAD$189.00. Regular price for five combs is CAD$225.

Ten combs: CAD$359.00. Regular price for ten combs is CAD$450.00.

Fifteen combs: CAD$525.00. Regular price for fifteen combs is CAD$675.00.

You save on shipping, too! These are the same high-performance Dark combs I offer individually.

Made to order. It is likely many - if not all - combs will be of the same color.

This offer applies to the following models: Marine Band, Suzuki Manji/Promaster/Olive, Seydel 1847, Hohner MS, Golden Melody and fit the following harps:

Marine Band: Marine Band 1896 (1950s to current). Marine Band Deluxe, Marine Band Crossover, Thunderbird, Pre-war Marine Bands, including "mouse ear". Also fits Pre-MS Blues Harps and wooden-combed Old Standy

MS series: Big River, Blues Harp, Crossharp, Proharp, MeisterKlasse

Suzuki: Manji, Promaster, Olive

Seydel 1847: 1847, SOLIST PRO and FAVORITE

Golden Melody: Hohner Golden Melody


Are you a customizer or harmonica service provider?

I provide combs to customizers and harp techs worldwide. I offer customizer pricing on my combs. Click here for details. These are for use in your finished product and not for individual sale.

Price: CAD$189.00
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