Key Label Stickers - 160 labels per sheet


This is Richard Sleigh's idea and this layout is used with his permission. These are 160 key label stickers on one sheet. They are glossy and scratch-proof with a high-tack adhesive.

You may never need to buy another set of key label stickers.

Price: CAD$17.50

Micro Key Label Stickers


Sometimes you need a small key label. These labels will fit anywhere.

Perhaps you want to recycle a part from another harmonica of a different key? You can hide the old key stamp under these labels.

Maybe you prefer to identify your harps in a unique spot where other labels won't fit? Maybe you just don't like big honkin' key labels?

These have a nice and aggressive high tack adhesive.

Price: CAD$4.30

This Machine Kills Fascists harmonica sticker


Woody Guthrie fans may want a sticker for the back of their harp.

Pay only the shipping cost. I will send you two of each type if you pay the cost of shipping. Please let me know if you need me to send you more. Also, if you would like to offer some to friends, I'll include a bunch more.

Price: CAD$0.00

Zajac key label stickers


- These have a nice and aggressive high tack adhesive.
- Tall labels measure 12mm x 7mm (0.5" x 0.3").
- Stout labels measure 18mm x 5.2mm (0.75" x 0.22").
- All sets have 24 stickers.
- They are available in flat and bubble (dome) type.
- Two shapes are available: Tall or Stout. Both have the exact same surface area for great contact.
- "Extra" label set is for altered or low tunings and special temperaments.

Price: CAD$4.30
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