Custom harmonicas

Minimum lead time for Hohner harmonicas is 100 days. Minimum lead time for Seydel harmonicas is 120 days. I will give you an estimated time to completion when you place your order. Your harp goes through a 30+ step process when I customise it and you can contact me at any time for an update.

Custom harmonica ($75 deposit)


I am not taking new orders for custom harmonicas at this time.

Once I have worked through my present list of orders, I will begin taking new orders again.

Thanks for your understanding.

Please contact me if you need to get in touch with another Hohner Affiliated Customizer to provide an instrument for you in the meantime.



To order a custom harmonica, I ask for a CAD$75 deposit.

Price: CAD$75.00
Don't worry if you are not sure.
Optional - Please enter any details about your order. I will follow up with confirmation before I start work on your harp(s).
This only applies to Marine Band and Golden Melody models.
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