Brass tool set

Reed shaping tool set

Reshape your reeds! These are sturdy tools designed for focusing pressure onto any part of a reed. Use the curve to reach into an assembled harp and reshape a reed or work on a reed with the reedplate off the comb. Use the blunt end to focus a lot of pressure onto the base of a reed.

The dual-sided pointed ends can increase productivity for those of us who put the tool down and pick it back up again over and over as we work on reeds. No need to twirl it around 180 degrees to get the straight end.

Made of solid brass and measuring about four inches (9 - 10 cm) long, these tools feel comfortable in your hand. The tips will not scratch the reeds. This tool can make reshaping reeds much easier. Ideal for use on all brands of harmonicas including ones with Stainless reeds.