Custom Configured Tool Kit


Create your own kit to suit your needs. A custom configured kit costs less than buying each item separately.

Perhaps you only need the Framework tools? Or would you like a combination of basic and advanced tools? Choose only the components you need.

For best value on all the tools, see my Full Kit.

Documents and support

Small assortment of screws



Basic tool kit with Grobet file


Brass reed tool set
Dual Reed wrench
Reed support tool with tail
18g Hockey Stick
Grobet file
Assortment of stainless steel screws. Made of stainless steel, these are replacement screws for any popular model of diatonic harmonica.

Option CAD$50

Reed replacement kit


- Stainless steel reed replacement screws (75 pieces screws and washers)
- M1.4 tap and pin vise
- 3/64" drill bit
- Reed removal spine
- Hardened and tempered O1 steel reed removal pin
- Flattening pin

Option CAD$59

Flatness Tool™ and Reed Plate Claws™

These tools are fundamental in getting a harmonica to perform well. There is very little benefit to performing precision work on the shape of the reed if the shape of the slots through which they travel are not straight, square and solid. These tools allow you to provide a solid framework.

Option CAD$69

Embossing Tool

This tool allows you to tighten the tolerances of the slots. Together with the Flatness Tool™ and Reed Plate Claws™, these are the all the tools you need to provide a solid framework for the reeds.

Option CAD$33

Andrew's videos on USB

Step by step videos show you everything you need to learn to repair, upgrade or customize your own harmonicas to make each one of them a high-quality instrument.

Option CAD$63.50

M2 and M1.6 taps

Taps create a thread inside a hole you drill into a reed plate so that it can receive a screw. This option includes both M2 and M1.6 taps as well as a pin vise.

Option CAD$7.50

Extended French Tuner™

The French Tuner™ helps you use your mouth and ears to quickly tune the blow reed plate of a diatonic harmonica. The French Tuner™ helps you eliminate beating and provide smooth chords.

Option CAD$45

Standard assortment of replacement screws and nuts


10+ pieces M2 12mm
30+ pieces M2 10mm
30+ pieces M2 nuts
30+ pieces M1.6 10mm
5 pieces M1.6 Nut

Option CAD$16

Price: CAD$9.00