Reed Plate Claws™ (Sale)


Get a set of Reed Plate Claws™ and a Reed Plate Holder on sale.

Use these tools to flatten both reed plates.

Straight, flat reed plates together with a flat comb are essential parts of establishing the best framework for the reeds. With a good frame, reed work becomes much simpler because all sides of the slot are at the same level and are well supported. Even a thousandth of an inch of space between the comb and reed plate means the reed will be less efficient at converting air flow into decibels. A good foundation is mandatory for best results.

The Reed Plate Holder will help you hold the reed plate steady as you straighten it with the Reed Plate Claws. Once you get comfortable with the claws, you may no longer need the Reed Plate Holder.

It has two slots to accommodate many different sizes of reed plates. Use the smallest
slot that fits.

The Reed Plate Holder ships with a sticker on the under side. The adhesive will help hold the plate in place. Once it loses its stickiness, you can peel it off and replace it with any kind of tape you have on hand. If you no longer need the additional help from the adhesive, don't bother replacing it.

Price: CAD$25.00