Harmonica Service Provider Custom Kit


This product is a resource for harmonica service providers. When putting in bench time every day, you can't worry about running out of screws or losing your one and only plinker.

This kit offers add-ons to your current set of tools and supplies to help you provide effective and reliable service. This product is meant to enhance my Full Tool Kit or my smaller tool kit and help you transition from tweaking your own harps to working on other people's harmonicas.

For those who are looking for help to get started, I offer videos on how to assess a harmonica, how to replace reeds and how to do other repairs and upgrades. I encourage you to take advantage of my evaluation service where I take a close look at a harmonica you have worked on and offer feedback about what things you can do even better.

Includes a Service Provider document pack exclusive to this product which will guide you in providing high-quality service to your customers. Documentation from my Quick Videos and my Marine Band reed compatibility charts are also included to make it a complete, concise, densely-packed bundle of information.

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Six Dark Combs™ of your choice at a bulk (reduced) price

These are for use in your finished product and not for individual sale. You may offer my combs as part of comb installation service alone or in combination with other services.

The cost of these combs are well below the value of the time and effort it takes to make a stock wooden comb properly sealed, flat and comfortable. My combs will stay flat and will not swell. They provide tone that is as close to Pearwood as you can get. They are more comfortable on the tongue than current stock Bamboo Crossover combs.

Please specify which combs you would like at the bottom of the page.  For example:
"Marine Band 2, Suzuki 1, Seydel 1, Golden Melody 1, MS 1"

Additional combs are available only by the dozen at customizer pricing.

Option CAD$168

Quick Customizing Videos for the diatonic harmonica player

Although aimed at the reluctant customizer, these videos quickly demonstrate the skills you need to become proficient in replacing reeds, shape reeds, correct factory defects including imperfections in the comb and reed plates as well as tuning. These videos point you to the right answer and can save you weeks worth of guesswork.

This is the download version. You will be able to log in and download the files shortly after you make your purchase. If this is your first purchase from this website, please enter a user account password when you check out so that you will be able to log back in easily to access your files.

Option CAD$18

An assortment of over 1000 screws

Included are:

M2 screws (10mm and 12mm) and nuts
M1.6 screws (10mm) and nuts
M1.4 screws(1.4mm and 5mm) and washers for reed replacement

Option CAD$80

Combination Embossing tool and Extra Tolerance reed wrench

This tool is exclusive to this kit. It helps with Framework. The extra embossing tool is useful because it's always a good idea to have a backup. The extra tolerance reed wrench is useful on reeds that have been shifted at the base; the reed pad can grow slightly wider in the process of being moved and a standard reed wrench can be too tight to comfortably grip the rivet pad.

Option CAD$26
Taps and Pin Vise

M2 tap
M16 tap
M1.4 tap
Three pin vises

Option CAD$17

Two extra Grobet files

These are 0-cut, warding shape.

It's always handy to have an extra file on hand. I like to keep one file just for tuning and the other for other tasks like correcting defects, getting rid of mill marks, shifting reeds, etc...

Option CAD$30

Two extra plinkers and an extra brass tool

These are the tools that see a lot of action as you do reed work. You can't function without them so I suggest you always have a backup on hand.

Option CAD$25

12 sets of key labels

Tall and Stout, Flat and Bubble, Regular and Extra tunings, Black and Colors. These are essential supplies.

Option CAD$33

Reed Replacement Kit extra pieces

An extra Reed Removal pin, Flattening pin, Flattening bar and Reed Removal Spine.

Option CAD$39

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