M2 Tap


A Marine Band 1896 harmonica is held together with nails. You can convert it to all-screw assembly. Fasten the reed plates to the comb without having to use nuts by using a tap to make threads into which you can turn a screw. This tap is for 2 mm screws.

A pilot hole for this tap can be drilled with a 1/16" drill bit - that's a commonly-available drill bit in the US and Canada.

Other uses for this tap: The threads made by self-tapping screws in Hohner, Suzuki and Lee Oskar harmonicas are often stubborn; it can be difficult to get the screws back in once you take them out. This may lead to excessive force which can bend the reed plate or strip the thread. Use this tap to improve the factory threads for easy and safe reassembly.

To use this tap, I recommend you use a tap handle or pin vise. I can provide one if needed.

This pin vise can hold a single M2, M1.6 or M1.4 tap. Use two sets of pliers to tighten the collet so that you firmly hold the tap or drill bit in the pin vise. This will maximize the life of the tool.

Here's a YouTube video of how I convert a Marine Band from nails to screws. I use the tap in a pin vise at around the 4:30 mark.

Price: CAD$5.60