I love the diatonic harmonica’s deep connection to the vocal tract. That connection allows a kind of expression no other instrument can achieve.

From very early on, I realised that a well-playing harp can create an even closer connection and found ways to improve the instrument. It didn’t take long until I was customizing and repairing harmonicas for my teacher, my teacher’s students and other players in my area.

My repair services expanded as I gained customers from other parts of Canada, the USA and Europe. In an effort to increase my productivity and shrink a growing waiting list I designed my own innovative tools and began manufacturing my own combs made from earth-friendly materials that do not swell when exposed to moisture.

I began to offer my tools and provide instructions so that players could repair and improve their harmonicas themselves instead of adding their names to my waiting list.

The waiting list for repairs eventually grew to a point where I could no longer keep up and I chose to focus on only offering custom harmonicas, tools and combs.

I continuously refine my customization methods in search of ways to deepen the connection between the player and the instrument.

I am a Hohner Affiliated Customizer. My work has independently been certified by Joe Filisko, the unimpeachable and widely accepted authority on custom harmonicas. The Hohner Affiliated Customizer Program is aimed at bringing together the finest harmonica customizers in the world under the seal of the Hohner Affiliated Customizers.

There are seven Hohner Affiliated Customizers worldwide.

My focus is to provide each player with remarkably responsive harmonicas which are carefully tailored to the player’s needs. A good instrument will help you connect with the music and help you serve the song.

I aim for exceptional customer satisfaction.

I'm from Montréal, Québec and currently live in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. My career background is as a registered respiratory therapist and clinical perfusionist (heart-lung machine). Those disciplines have provided me with useful knowledge of the science behind air flow, lung and vocal tract anatomy and physiology, evidence-based practice and continuous quality improvement (CQI) as well as the ability to reliably provide precise results while keeping a cool head and steady hands under pressure.