I customize Hohner Marine Band, Rocket, Special 20, and Golden Melody harmonicas.

Custom Harmonicas

I am not taking new orders for custom harmonicas at this time.

Once I have worked through my present list of orders, I will begin taking new orders again.

Thanks for your understanding.

Please contact me if you need to get in touch with another Hohner Affiliated Customizer to provide an instrument for you in the meantime. Please also let me know if you would like me to send you an email message when I start to take orders again.


My production times are

Reconstructed/NRW TBD
Basic custom 95 Days
Full custom 120 Days
Overbend 140 Days

These times are approximate. Feel free to contact me before ordering to ask about lead times.

Completion date is the day I ship. Transit times to USA and Canada are usually 2 to 7 business days.

Upon receipt of your deposit, I contact you with questions. Once I confirm every detail with you, I commit to a firm completion date.

These prices include Canada/USA shipping and warranty

All prices are in Canadian Dollars.
Reconstructed NRW Harmonica (No Reed Work)

A Reconstructed NRW harmonica has all factory defects corrected, some performance enhancements and only corrective reed work. Some aspects of this work requires a "break it to fix it" strategy, meaning the harmonica is rebuilt from the ground-up. This is the same process for my Basic, Full and Overbend custom harmonicas.

Every player secretly hopes to "win the lottery" and get a "really good one" when they buy a new stock harp. A Reconstructed NRW harp should exceed that expectation because attention is paid to every detail as it is rebuilt. It aims to be powerful, consistent from top to bottom and are in perfect tune.

A Reconstructed NRW harmonica is not a custom harmonica because it does not feature high-performance reed work.

Whereas a custom harmonica does most of the work for you and is played with little effort, an NRW harmonica is played with regular breath force. As such it is the best choice for players who cannot use breath control.

NRW Rocket / Special 20 CAD$151
NRW Marine Band CAD$175
NRW Golden Melody CAD$185
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Play it soft to loud. Best value custom harmonica for second position playing. This harmonica packs a lot of power. It has very similar reed work to the Full Custom.
Click here for more information about my Basic custom harmonica.

Basic custom Rocket / Special 20 CAD$201
Basic custom Marine Band CAD$225
Basic custom Golden Melody CAD$235
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Play it very soft (pianissimo) to very loud(fortissimo). Best choice for playing with ease in multiple positions and plenty of volume.
Click here for more information about my Full custom harmonica.

Full custom Rocket / Special 20 CAD$266
Full custom Marine Band CAD$290
Full custom Golden Melody CAD$300
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Play it very very soft (pianississimo) to very very loud(fortississimo). Best choice for fully chromatic playing.
Click here for more information about me Overbend custom harmonica.

Overbend Rocket / Special 20 CAD$450
Overbend Marine Band CAD$470
Overbend Golden Melody CAD$470
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All prices are in Canadian Dollars.

Any questions? Contact me and I will be happy to answer them.

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This warranty applies to my Basic, Full and Overbend custom harmonicas.

Warranty includes one reed replaced for free within the first 30 days of reception. Reed replacement service is $10 per reed for the next 11 months after the free 30-day period. Customer pays for shipping. After 12 month warranty period, regular service charges apply. My custom harps get lifetime service priority which means I attend to them as soon as I can once I receive them.
It is acceptable to take apart your custom harmonica for regular cleaning. Any other work to the instrument will likely void the warranty. The reeds and reed plates are set with precision. Installing a different comb than the one provided or that I have not flattened myself will void the warranty because this will warp the reed plates.

"The bends are mind blowing and so precise." / "Les bends sont hallucinants et tellement précis." - Martin, Québec, Canada

"They are wonderful! The tone is fat and smooth and the notes bend easily. I found myself playing runs I had never played before as I was fooling around and getting acquainted with the harp. I feel very comfortable playing it and I appreciate your correspondence concerning my playing style, breath force, etc. You were able to dial the harmonica in perfectly based on that information." - Michael, USA

"I must say that it is truly astonishing and this harmonica is indeed a subtle and precise musical instrument; probably the best I have ever acquired in recent years." - Jean-Luc, France

"Great response across the entire instrument and just a joy to play." - Matt, Illinois, USA

"I'm delighted with it. It has that slightly raspy sound I was seeking." - Ian, United Kingdom

Basic Custom

My Basic custom is a pro-grade harp that is set up to respond best to medium breath and aims to satisfy most player's needs. Expect superb control over the instrument. Tailored for second position playing.

This harp offers fantastic response. It's ideal for players who require a great instrument but feel that their playing style may not make use of everything a full custom harp has to offer.

My Basic Custom harp is "one-size-fits-all".

Full Custom

The Full Custom packs a lot of power. It's a responsive harp that is loud without needing a lot of effort. It’s extremely easy and satisfying to play.

Expect superb control over all blow and draw bends needed for playing in multiple positions.

This harp enables you to play from pp (pianissimo - very soft) to ff (fortissimo - very loud) and everything in between - all with very little breath.

Overbend Custom

This harmonica features overblows and overdraws that are sustainable and bendable using regular breath force. Blow notes, draw notes, bends and overblows/overdraws all play with the same breath force; the overblows do not need any extra breath to play than any other notes.

For most players, the enhanced control of an Overblow harp allows for expression you
can't experience from any other harmonica.

This harp enables you to play from ppp (pianississimo - very very soft) to fff (fortississimo - very very loud) and everything in between - all with very little breath.