French Tuner™


The French Tuner™

You don't need bulky, expensive and complicated equipment to tune your harmonica with great precision. The French Tuner™ helps you use your mouth and ears to quickly tune the blow reed plate of a diatonic harmonica. The French Tuner™ helps you eliminate beating and provide smooth chords.

Perfect tuning can only be achieved with both reed plates are attached to the comb and with a lot of attention to detail. But for most players, the French Tuner™ provides excellent results after just one pass. It's the quickest and easiest way to improve the tuning of the blow plate.

Its precision design allows the French Tuner to work on all major brands of 10-hole diatonic harmonicas including Seydel (which have wider spaced holes) and many 12-hole harps. It will not fit the larger Hohner 364 and 365 harmonicas but contact me if you are interested in a French Tuner that is custom made to fit these harmonicas.

Use this simple tuning method (click here) to start tuning now. You can tune your harmonica with very high precision using only a simple guitar tuner and your ears!

Click here for French tuner instructions with illustration:.

The French Tuner is not just for tuning! Use it to speed up other important tweaks:

- Use the French Tuner to help adjust reed profiles. The French Tuner will isolate a reed while the plate is off the comb and allow you to play the reed to assess and make fine-grained changes to reed shape. Pucker or tongue-block embouchure can be used to best help you adjust your reeds to your playing style.

- The French Tuner will help you with embossing. If you are a player who doesn't like the sound of a tightly embossed harmonica, make fine-grained adjustments to the slot while using your ears. Gradually emboss the slot until you reach the sweet spot where you get maximum responsiveness without making the tone too bright.

- The French Tuner is perfectly flat and can be used as a reference to improve air seal. Use the French Tuner and a source of bright light to look for uneven areas of the blow reed plate.

New option! Extended French Tuner™

Use the Extended French Tuner to precisely adjust the fifths and thirds.

Extended French Tuner

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