Harmonica Screws

Harmonica screws

Harmonica screwsHarmonica screwsHigh-quality screws for any brand of diatonic harmonica on the market today. These screws are made from A2 Stainless Steel (304) and feature a Phillips head for easy use with commonly available screwdrivers. (You don't need Pozidriv screws!)

These screws can self-tap factory-new reed plates.

Available pieces:

- M2 10 mm screw - as used in the Hohner (old) Special 20 harmonica, Suzuki harmonicas, Marine Band converted to screws and my custom harmonicas.
- M2 12 mm screw - Perfect for cover plates on Hohner Special 20, Marine Band 364/365 or other harps with thicker combs.
- M2 Nuts - Use a nut and bolt to hold cover plates. Can also be used to bolt the reed plates to the comb instead of tapping the reed plate.
- M1.6 10 mm screw - as used in Hohner Crossover, Golden Melody, MS series, (new) Progressive Special 20, and Seydel harmonicas. These are also used in the new line of Special 20 and Rocket harmonica from Hohner.
- M1.6 Nuts - Did you accidentally strip the reed plate thread? No problem. Use a nut instead.

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