Custom Harmonica Combs

"Wow! What a difference your comb made on a Big River. ... man this harp really sings now. It has been hard to put it down. ... I would like to order some more. These are really worth every penny, great combs." - L.C. Colorado, USA.

Custom combs for Hohner Marine band, Hohner MS-series, Hohner Golden Melody, Hohner Special 20, Seydel 1847, Seydel Solist Pro, Seydel Favorite, Seydel Big Six, Suzuki, Lee Oskar, Delta Frost and Hering.

Earth-friendly, high-performance combs made for demanding players. Ideal for all musicians who want great tone and "overblow-level" response from their instrument.

All combs are made to order using a CNC mill and promptly shipped within a few days. These combs are beautiful and designed to be extremely comfortable to play. I flatten each comb by hand to ensure the highest performance and best tone. I make these combs personally and therefore can offer exceptional quality combs at reasonable rates. An upgraded comb shouldn't have to cost as much as a brand new harp.

If you have any questions about installing a comb and making your harmonica play well, contact me; you get free email support with the purchase of my combs.


As of October 12th, 2014, all prices are in Canadian Dollars.


All my combs can be soaked in an ultrasonic cleaner - or a sink full of water - without causing damage or warping.


Dark combs made from an earth-friendly composite of 100 per cent recycled paper, resin produced from naturally occurring raw materials and selected natural pigments. This material is strong, dense, waterproof, hypoallergenic, and does not emit any volatile organic compounds. It has been certified food safe, contains no petroleum-based chemicals and doesn't have an odour (*).

I do not know of any material that is better suited for harmonica combs. These combs have all the benefits of a flat, unsealed Pearwood comb with none of the drawbacks. This material allows me to focus on flatness without compromising the look and feel. The affordable price reflects how manageable it is to produce excellent combs out of this material. But don't be fooled - these are my very best combs.

Dark combs have a glossy smooth front for comfortable playing. The sides and back of my Dark combs are lightly polished to a matte finish which has a nice appearance and feels comfortable to hold. Over time and with use, these surfaces will develop their own natural shine as they become worn in.

My Dark combs are superior to combs made out of Corian. They do not shatter when dropped on the floor, and their production has a much lower environmental impact.

Colours: Caramel Brown, Dark Brown, Dark Grey, Red Wine and Noir (Deep Black). Base price includes random colour. An additional charge applies if you prefer to choose your colours.

Unsealed Pearwood combs, when perfectly flat, are the model of excellence. Unfortunately, they do not last and will break down and warp with time.

See my Service page for a solution. Experience for yourself how my Dark combs compare to the gold-standard! Get your Marine Band harmonica serviced and for a small extra fee, I will flatten the stock Pearwood comb to my standards in addition to providing you with a Dark comb. You get two combs; use either one - the choice is yours.


How thick are these combs?

Regular thickness is 5.9 mm +/- 0.3 mm (quarter inch). How does that compare with other combs? The thickness of a stock Marine Band comb is just a hair over 5.7mm. Once flat-sanded, it's just a hair under 5.6mm.

I can make extra-thick (7 mm) or super-thin (5.2 mm) combs. An additional charge is applied for non-standard thickness. Extra-thick combs are available in Red Wine color.

Do I need to worry about the key of the harmonica?:

Standard combs are "long-slot" and are suitable for any key. "Short slot" combs may be used for higher keys if that is your preference and are available for most models. An additional charge is applied for "short-slot". If you are unsure, don't worry about it and get the standard "long-slot". Many players cannot feel or hear the difference between comb slot length on higher keys.


Why replace your harmonica's comb?:

To improve the instrument. An airtight harmonica is easier to play and has better tone.

But simply switching the comb will not make it play better. A flat comb is only one part of making your harmonica more airtight.

Harmonicas require a minute or two of preparation work before combs can be installed. My combs offer superior air tightness. They focus on high performance and are not made for ease of installation. Click here to download the document "Preparing a reed plate for use with a flat comb."

Free Download: Preparing a reed plateFree Download: Preparing a reed plate

If you don't want to do this work, I can install your comb for free! I will do all the preparation work and more! See the Services page for more information.


Would you like a comb that is not listed above? Contact me about making a comb for your model harmonica. No extra fee applied - combs for most "sandwich-style" harmonicas offered at regular prices.

(*) Milling the material at high speed causes the combs to have a slight odour. Freshly-milled combs will have a slight odour for about two weeks.
(**) Extra thickness material recommended to match original specifications (7 mm).
(***) Some harmonica reed plates were designed to be used with a recessed comb. These reed plates do not have a groove into which the coverplate can lock in. Although you can install these reed plates onto a "sandwich-type" comb, you may experience a loss of airtightness if the coverplates become bent. You will find some useful tip on converting these harmonicas here. (Sandwich-type harmonica tips and tricks)