A custom harmonica is an instrument of the highest quality and is tailored to your needs. Playing a custom harmonica will have a profound impact on your music as well as your enjoyment of the instrument. I aim for exceptional customer satisfaction.

Andrew's harmonicas

Custom Harmonicas:

I customize diatonic harmonicas to be remarkably responsive, have amazing tone and tuning and be adjusted to your playing style. I offer superior all-purpose harmonicas which have loud, rich tone and allow easy bending of notes.

I also offer harps specialised for overbending which feature stable, expressive, bendable and sustainable overblows and overdraws. Overbends allow extra notes to be played on a diatonic harmonica providing the full chromatic scale on a standard-tuned diatonic harmonica.

My custom harps are perfect for anyone from beginners to seasoned performers who need a durable and professional grade instrument.

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Custom Harmonica Combs:

I offer world-class combs made for demanding players. My combs are measurably better than factory-made combs. All my combs are made from environmentally-responsible materials. They are beautiful, durable, airtight, waterproof and comfortable to play.

My combs are made to precision specifications using my CNC-mill. They are flattened by hand to a tolerance of .000025" per 6" (25 millionths of an inch) to ensure optimal performance, increased power and control.

These combs are not mass-produced. Each comb is promptly made to order. This improves the quality of the final product and reduces production costs.

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Harmonica tools and customization instruction:

Getting your harmonica to perform best is meticulous work. I offer an innovative set of tools.

My tools allow you to:
- flatten combs
- straighten BLOW and DRAW reed plates
- replace blown-out reeds
- tune each note with high precision
- enhance reed shape
- perform full-slot embossing
- increase dynamic range, get louder and richer tone
- work on EVERY brand of harmonica

Full email support is included with the tools - I will give you clear answers to your questions. Just ask.

Improving your harps should be a positive experience. You can take full control of your harps!

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