Overbend Custom Hamronica

Overbend Marine Band or Golden Melody Harmonica

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Adding the overblow option to a Full Custom harmonica enables the 1, 4, 5 and 6 hole OVERBLOWS and 7, 8, 9 and 10 hole OVERDRAWS to be played as melody notes. This harmonica features overblows and overdraws that are sustainable and bendable using regular breath force.

Blow notes, draw notes, bends and overblows/overdraws all play with the same breath force; the overblows do not need any extra breath to play than any other notes. (Although the 1-hole overblow is played with regular breath force, the embouchure required can take significant effort - you must open very wide! Many players prefer the 1-hole to be set up as on a regular harmonica. It's your choice.)

An overblow/overdraw harmonica responds to fine control but not brute force. Any harmonica that offers high-quality overblows and overdraws must compromise the ability to play under very hard breath force in exchange for the maximum depth of the overbend notes.

Regular notes will respond to lighter breath on an Overblow harp as compared to a stock harp. This is particularly noticeable in lower keys. If you play exclusively with hard breath force you may find an Overblow setup limiting.

But for most players, the enhanced control of an Overblow harp allows for expression you can't experience from any other harmonica.

This harp enables you to play from ppp (pianississimo - very very soft) to fff (fortississimo - very very loud) and everything in between - all with very little breath.

Unless you have a strong preference for the Rocket or Special 20, I recommend the Marine Band Deluxe or Golden Melody model for overbends.

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My Custom Harmonicas

A well-playing harp is expressive and easy to control. My harps are tailored to work best with your breath.

My harps are FUN to play!

My custom harmonicas feature labour-intensive work done on all parts of the instrument, including every reed. I ensure each note has outstanding timbre, tone and volume. Regular and bent notes play easily and consistently from the top to the bottom of the harmonica. My harps offer awesome control. All my custom harmonicas feature stunning, right-on-the-mark tuning using an analog Peterson Strobe tuner.

These instruments are carefully adjusted to suit your specific needs. Due to the amount of time and attention given to each instrument, no out-of-the-box harmonica can perform as well as a custom harmonica.

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- Compromise tuning is recommended for most players. It makes chords sound like they should without making single notes sound wrong.
- 7-Limit Just Intonation is the tuning of vintage blues harps. The chords are rich but some single notes sound a little flat. Choose this tuning if you use major chords extensively such as playing train rhythms or if like the sound of vintage blues harmonica.
- Equal Temperament is the best choice for players who regularly use positions other than First, Second or Third.


My harmonicas feature my earth-friendly high-performance Dark combs™.

My custom Hohner Special 20/Rocket harmonicas use the factory plastic polymer comb. I round the corners of the stock Special 20 comb by hand.


Click here to order online. Send me a deposit on your custom harmonica. I will contact you for further information so as to make sure every detail is to your specifications. I will commit to a completion once every detail is confirmed.

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This warranty applies to my custom as well as semi-custom harmonicas.

Warranty includes one reed replaced for free within the first 30 days of reception. Reed replacement service is $10 per reed for the next 11 months after the free 30-day period. Customer pays for shipping. Warranty work on custom harmonicas gets express service which means I aim to get your harps back in the mail within ten business days. After 12 month warranty period, regular service charges apply. My custom harps get lifetime service priority which means I attend to them as soon as I receive them.