The Flatness Tool™ and Reed Plate Claws™


The fundamental improvements you can make to a harp are to make each piece fit together perfectly for an airtight seal. This is one of the most straightforward things you can do to make a harp play better. Use these tools to flatten the comb and reed plates.

Price: CAD$77.50

Andrew's videos on USB


Learn to repair, upgrade or customize your own harmonicas to make each one of them a high-quality instrument.

A well-playing harmonica is a joy to play.

Many harmonicas require a lot of effort to play and it makes you feel like you are fighting with the instrument. That can leave you questioning your skills or thinking about giving up.

There is no reason playing harmonica should feel like work - it should be FUN!

Price: CAD$71.25

Shim Stock (three pieces)


Shim stock is very useful to have on hand. Use it to de-burr after over-embossing or for measuring air leaks.

I tried sheets of tempered shim stock but ran into trouble. I can't cut small pieces easily without crumpling the edges and that defeats the purpose!

Price: CAD$3.75

Korg CA-2 Chromatic Tuner


The Korg CA-2 is the new version of the "gold standard" CA-1. It has all the same features but a much larger display.

Use it along with your ears to tune your harmonicas with accuracy.

Price: CAD$19.99

Grobet Tuning File


Grobet USA, Made in Italy, Swiss pattern file.

0-Cut is right on the margin between coarse and fine. It's perfect for removing brass with a light touch. It's coarse enough to have power but doesn't leave scratches and tracks on the reed.

Warding shape: Like a flat triangle with teeth on every side.

Raise or lower the pitch of a reed with the reed plate on or off the comb.

This file works on Brass, Stainless Steel and Phosphor Bronze reeds.

Price: CAD$22.50

Zajac key label stickers


- These have a nice and aggressive high tack adhesive.
- They measure 0.3" X 0.5" (Regular) or 0.22" X 0.75" (Stout)
- This is a set of 24 stickers.
- They are available in flat and bubble (dome) type.
- Two shapes are available: Regular or Stout. Both have the exact same surface area for great contact. Stout labels fit nicely on harps with thin combs.


Price: CAD$4.30
Available in bubble or flat, regular or stout

Marine Band 1896 conversion kit


Support is included!

With the purchase of this product, you get full access to the information you need to get the job done. Just ask! I will help you through the process via email if you need assistance

Almost every harmonica player had owned a Marine Band 1896 harmonica. They are the traditional gold standard diatonic harmonica.

Price: CAD$5.00

Pack of assorted replacement screws and nuts


Keep these handy and you will never have to go looking around on your hands and knees for a renegade screw.

This pack contains every possible replacement screw you could need when working on the most popular diatonic harps.

This is an assortment of harmonica screws for Hohner, Seydel, Suzuki and Lee Oskar

Price: CAD$22.00

Basic Tool Kit


This is a tool kit to keep in your harp case.

You don't need to be a customizing whiz! These are the tools you need to get the essential things done and keep you playing.


Price: CAD$51.00
Add reed replacement kit
Works on Brass, Phosphor Bronze and Stainless. Raise or lower the pitch of a reed with the reed plate on or off the comb.

Five Cent Tuner™


The Five Cent Tuning Tool™ is used to make small changes in pitch to reeds on the blow plate without needing to take the reed plates off the comb. Use it to touch up the tuning of reeds that are only slightly out of tune (by about five cents or less) without messing up the reed shape or gap.

Price: CAD$22.00


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