Dual Head Reed Wrench

Dual reed wrenches

Get wrenches to work on ALL harmonicas! Most reed wrenches available are made to fit only one kind of harmonica's reed pad. These reed wrenches work on all popular diatonic harps.

The small ended wrench fits all Hohner reeds as well as Seydel reeds. This wrench also features an added tuning scraper.

The bigger ended one works on Lee Oskar and Suzuki reeds. You can use it to torque off a spot-welded Suzuki reed from the reed plate as well as centering a new Suzuki reed that has been attached to the reed plate with a screw.

These are hand-made from tempered high-carbon steel.

The tuner can scrape brass or phosphor bronze from the tip or the base of the reed. Use it to raise or lower the pitch.

Support the blow reed with the Five Cent Tuner as you raise the pitch with this tool.