The Flatness Tool™ and Reed Plate Claws™


Use these tools to flatten the comb and reed plates.

Straight, flat reed plates together with a flat comb are essential parts of establishing the best framework for the reeds. With a good frame, reed work becomes much simpler because all sides of the slot are at the same level and are well supported. Even a thousandth of an inch of space between the comb and reed plate means the reed will be less efficient at converting air flow into decibels. A good foundation is mandatory for best results.

The Flatness Tool™ is used to measure flatness. It is an extremely precise straight edge reference. It has a reed groove so that it can be used on both reed plates as well as the comb. One you find where the comb or the reed plate is not flat, you can correct it.

The Flatness Tool™ can also be used to make combs extremely flat. My method of flattening combs is very easy to learn with a little practice. There is no guesswork involved since you are using a proper reference as your guide.

My Dark combs are the flattest combs on the market. Use this tool to make any other sandwich-type comb just as flat as mine.

Use the Reed Plate Claws™ on both the blow and draw reed plates. On the blow plate, the reeds get in the way of flat sanding so all you need to do is straighten them using pressure and counter pressure.

The Reed Plate Claws™ are designed to fit safely between the reeds.

Here are the instruction videos:

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