Harmonica Service Provider Custom Kit


This product is a resource for harmonica service providers. When putting in bench time every day, you can't worry about running out of screws or losing your one and only plinker.

Price: CAD$20.00
Please indicate what types of combs you would like
Service Provider options

Custom Configured Tool Kit


Create your own kit to suit your needs. A custom configured kit costs less than buying each item separately.

Perhaps you only need the Framework tools? Or would you like a combination of basic and advanced tools? Choose only the components you need.

For best value on all the tools, see my Full Kit.

Documents and support

Price: CAD$9.00
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Tuning Card


Two cards are included in the price.

I've created The Tuning Card to help you tune a harmonica freestyle - without necessarily using temperament. Learn more about temperament here. The Tuning Card helps you tune what you need.

Price: CAD$2.50

Reed Support Tool and Plinker


Reed support tool and plinker

Springy and sturdy, this tool has a tip that has been carefully prepared using a five-step process. It will get under even the most closely gapped reeds.

It's made from 0.06" tempered carbon steel but it behaves as though it was much thinner! The trick is to advance the tool at a sharp angle to get under the reed.

Price: CAD$19.00

Embossing Tool


Embossing tool

(New version 2021-06!) This tool is made from tempered high-carbon steel and both tips are finished by hand. The tips are carefully sharpened to the correct specification to allow it to emboss the slot effectively without shredding or otherwise damaging the slot. I ensure that each tip is perfect.

Price: CAD$42.00

Basic Kit with Grobet file


This is a tool kit to keep in your harp case.

You don't need to be a customizing whiz! These are the tools you need to get the essential things done and keep you playing.

This kit features a high-quality Grobet file for tuning.


Price: CAD$66.00
Add reed replacement kit

The Flatness Tool™ and Reed Plate Claws™


Use these tools to flatten the comb and reed plates.

Price: CAD$82.00
Please choose the items you would like

Shim Stock (three pieces)


Shim stock is very useful to have on hand. Use it to de-burr after over-embossing or for measuring air leaks.

I tried sheets of tempered shim stock but ran into trouble. I can't cut small pieces easily without crumpling the edges and that defeats the purpose!

Price: CAD$3.75

Grobet Tuning File


Grobet USA, Made in Italy, Swiss pattern file.

0-Cut is right on the margin between coarse and fine. It's perfect for removing brass with a light touch. It's coarse enough to have power but doesn't leave scratches and tracks on the reed.

Warding shape: Like a flat triangle with teeth on every side.

Raise or lower the pitch of a reed with the reed plate on or off the comb.

Price: CAD$25.00

Marine Band 1896 conversion kit


Support is included!

With the purchase of this product, you get full access to the information you need to get the job done. Just ask! I will help you through the process via email if you need assistance

Almost every harmonica player had owned a Marine Band 1896 harmonica. They are the traditional gold standard diatonic harmonica.

Price: CAD$5.00


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