The Flatness Tool™ and Reed Plate Claws™ Q&A


What are these tools?
These tools are used to make harmonica combs and reed plates fit together perfectly. Air leaks and empty spaces between the plates and comb cause power and volume loss, slugish response and bad tone. The instrument performs best when all the parts “become one” and vibrate at the same frequency.

Are these tools the same as the F Tool™ and the Comb Tool™?
Mostly, yes. The biggest change is the Reed Plate Claws. I innovate and find new and better ways to get the job done all the time.
The Flatness Tool™ and Reed Plate Claws™ replace the F Tool and Comb Tools; I am no longer offering them.

Will you ever stop innovating and improving your products?
Before I die? No. After I am dead, probably.

What’s the difference between the F Tool and the Reed Plate Claws?
The reed plate claws are used as a pair whereas the F-tool is used alone with a pair of pliers. The Claws offer you a little more control and a little more sensory feedback as you re-shape the reed plate because you use your two hands to act together instead of squeezing pliers.

What’s the difference between the Comb Tool and the Flatness Tool? (They look the same!)
The Flatness Tool has the same precision as the Comb Tool. The difference is the Reed Groove which allows the tool to fit between the reeds on a reed plate. With it, you can use the same tool to measure the flatness of the comb as well as the reed plates. The Comb tool doesn’t have this groove and can only be used with combs.
The F-Tool uses a separate reference bar to measure between the reeds. The reference bars are very small and easy to lose!

Do you sell the tools separately or as a set?
I offer these tools as a set so that you can make every component fit together perfectly.

I already have the F-tool and the Comb tool, should I upgrade?
It’s up to you. I got excellent results using the Comb tool and F tool for years. They are still excellent tools that get the job done very well. You should decide for yourself if the new improvements are something you can’t live without.

How do I use these tools?
Instructions are provided and I am working on an up-to-date video. As with all my tools, you get email support, too. Ask me anything.