Custom comb for Steve Baker Special

The Marine Band 365 is a 14 hole mammoth harmonica.

The Steve Baker Special is a harp with an altered-tuning based on the 365 design. It has a bass octave on the bottom followed by Standard-Richter tuning from holes 4-13 and an extra hole which further extends the tuning.

To allow the extended range of this instrument, the reed lengths on the top end are quite short.

Using a standard comb, the forces of nature (i.e. resonance) may work against you when you play those high notes. Fortunately, I have a solution.

I have made a custom comb to allow you to overcome those resonant frequencies and allow your vocal tract to best connect with the reeds.

The channels are tapered to provide your mouth with the feel you expect while creating the right size space for optimal resonance for the whole range of reed lengths of this harp.

These combs are available. I only provide them in standard thickness (5.8mm) for best tone and response.

There's nothing like a well-playing harp!