Multi-purpose Reed Wrench/Tuner/Support Tool and Small Plinker

These handy tools are made from tempered high carbon steel.

Support the reed as you work on it and get under tightly gapped reeds to plink.

Springy and sturdy, this tool has a tip that has been carefully prepared using a five-step process. It will get under even the most closely gapped reeds. It's made from 0.06" tempered carbon steel but it behaves as though it was much thinner! The trick is to advance the tool at a sharp angle to get under the reed.

The reed wrench works on Hohner and Seydel harmonicas.

The tuner can scrape brass or phosphor bronze from the tip or the base of the reed. Use it to raise or lower the pitch.

Support the blow reed with the Five Cent Tuner as you raise the pitch with this tool.