Comb Tool™


It's no secret that a comb flattened by hand will outperform one that is machine-made.

Use this tool to make your combs flat.

The secret to warm tone and excellent response is an airtight harp. To be airtight, the comb needs to be perfectly flat.

I meticulously flatten the top edge of this tool which is used as a reference to measure the flatness of every part of the comb surface.

My comb tool™ is a working copy of a high-precision straight-edge (some call this a machinist square) precise to .000025" per 6" (25 millionths of an inch). The original stays in a drawer!

The tool is also used to distribute the weight of your fingers over the surface of the comb as you flatten. Find all the details and instructions for use here:

Also, here are some extra tips on using my comb tool:

Comb tool extra tips page

Available as a single item or in a set of two. Purchase two Comb Tools and keep one in a drawer as a reference. If you ever suspect the flatness of your Comb Tool has been compromised from years of heavy use, check it against it's match.

Price: CAD$37.00
Select whether you would like a single tool or a set.