Live Session #2 - Maximise Power - Jan 13th at 12:00 EST


Session #2

January 13th at 12:00 EST, 09:00 PST, 17:00 GMT

60 minute session.

Price is $80 - Early registration price is $60 until November 24.
Registration deadline is December 15th.

Maximise power. Get the most decibels out of the flow of air from your breath. Demonstrate the important foundational work of the instrument, enhancements and reed work.


Participants will be provided with a preparation packet, a checklist and a self-guided learning project so they can have the proper knowledge foundation before we start to make the most of the session.

Session will consist of three parts, a didactic portion where the competencies and skills will be explained and demonstrated. We will break out for a 10 minute hands-on period where participants can practice the skills by themselves. We will then have a group discussion where questions will be answered and everyone will have a chance to complete the objectives.

Mistakes are a learning opportunity so we will all learn from each other's mistakes - even mine! Mistakes are a great opportunity for growth and we will use this to make the most of the live session format.


I recommend you attend the session with a well-working harmonica in the key of C as well as a harmonica you will take apart and practice working on. There is risk that in tackling the learning curve, the instrument you work on may be damaged. I will do my best to show you how to avoid these problems but I cannot assume the liability for damage. As such, if you have an additional scrap reed plate for practice, I recommend you have it on hand as well.

Any tools you currently use should work fine. I will demonstrate the techniques using my tools. If you would like to obtain the tools I will be using, I am offering a $20 rebate on my Essential Kit if you chose to bundle purchase with the registration of this session. ($37.00)

Link to my Essential Kit

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Price: CAD$80.00