Reed Replacement Kit (Freehand)


"You don't need to throw away a harmonica because of a blown reed."


- Stainless steel reed replacement screws (75 pieces screws and washers)
- M1.4 tap and pin vise
- 3/64" drill bit
- Reed removal spine
- Hardened and tempered O1 steel reed removal pin
- Flattening pin
- Rivet bar

Two types of screws are provided. 5mm Phillips head screws are easy to handle but require trimming once in place. The shorter flat head screws are harder to pick up with your fingers but don't need to be cut. (Dip your screwdriver in Vaseline to make the tiny screw stick to the tip!) Washers are a big help to keep the reed in place as you tighten the screw. With a little practice, you won't even need to use a washer.


You will need some extra items. These items are so common that I chose not to include them in the kit to keep the cost down. They are easily found at a hardware store for less than a total of $10.

Items you will need (not included):

- Small Phillips head screwdriver
- flush cutting pliers
- A brick or a small anvil; or something else that's flat and heavy. At a minimum, you need two pounds of weight. The more mass you have under your reed plate, the easier it will be to do the job.
- Flat sanding surface (a flat board and a sheet of 220 grit sandpaper - the same thing as in preparing a reed plate for a flat comb) and a little extra sandpaper.
- 1/16", 5/64" and 3/32" drill bit
- small hammer
- A reed wrench (you won't find this in a hardware store... Click below to add one to the kit.)
- New reeds. You can scavenge a new reed from another reed plate or contact Hohner or Seydel and buy individual reeds from them.






Recommended items (not included)

- drill press (for Suzuki harmonicas)

You can scavenge a reed from one harmonica and put it into another just as long as they have the same slot dimensions. Players have been doing this for decades.

Hohner Marine Band reeds have two slot configurations. Here's a compatibility chart:

Price: CAD$70.00
If you don't already have a reed wrench, get a wrench that works on ALL harmonicas.
This kit includes 50 screws and 25 washers. Add 100 extra pieces to your order.