Basic Custom Harmonica

Basic Custom

My custom harmonicas require hours of meticulous work on all parts of the instrument, especially the reeds, to provide deep tone and unmatched responsiveness.

Available as:

- Rocket
- Special 20
- Marine Band Deluxe or Crossover
- Golden Melody

My Basic custom is a one-size-fits-all instrument. Its tailoring focuses on second position playing.

Play it soft to loud. This instrument has a much wider dynamic range than a stock harmonica.

This harmonica packs a lot of power. It very easy to control and bend.

Standard features include:

- Marine Band Deluxe/Crossover or Golden Melody using my custom Dark comb™
- Special 20 or Rocket using upgraded stock ABS comb
- Covers fashioned with two stainless steel screws in the front
- Marine Band choice of cover plates (Deluxe, Crossover, Rocket, Rocket AMP, Rocket Low)
- High-performance work done to every aspect of the instrument, including sympathetic reed work™ and high-precision Analog Strobe tuning.
- 12 month warranty + lifetime service
- Free shipping to Canada and USA
- International shipping - please contact. Expect up to $25 extra for Europe and up to $75 extra for tracked shipping to other countries.

Can this harmonica play overblows "straight on"?

Yes. Overblows and overdraws can be played as passing notes using slightly more breath than regular notes but this harp is not specialised for overbends. If you want easy playing overbends or to sustain or use vibrato with overbends, I recommend my Overbend Custom.

Non standard Low and High Keys
-Extra charge applies. Please contact me. Expect $50 to $75 extra.

Free tuning options
Tuning temperament:

- Compromise (recommended)
- Just Intonation
- Equal temperament with perfect octaves

Also available, tuning to 432Hz as well as altered tunings

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Any questions? Contact me and I will be happy to answer them.

Basic Custom

My Basic custom is a pro-grade harp that is set up to respond best to medium breath and aims to satisfy most player's needs. Expect superb control over the instrument. Tailored for second position playing.

This harp offers fantastic response. It's ideal for players who require a great instrument but feel that their playing style may not make use of everything a full custom harp has to offer.

My Basic Custom harp is "one-size-fits-all".

Full Custom

The Full Custom packs a lot of power. It's a responsive harp that is loud without needing a lot of effort. It’s extremely easy and satisfying to play.

Expect superb control over all blow and draw bends needed for playing in multiple positions.

This harp enables you to play from pp (pianissimo - very soft) to ff (fortissimo - very loud) and everything in between - all with very little breath.

Overbend Custom

This harmonica features overblows and overdraws that are sustainable and bendable using regular breath force. Blow notes, draw notes, bends and overblows/overdraws all play with the same breath force; the overblows do not need any extra breath to play than any other notes.

For most players, the enhanced control of an Overblow harp allows for expression you
can't experience from any other harmonica.

This harp enables you to play from ppp (pianississimo - very very soft) to fff (fortississimo - very very loud) and everything in between - all with very little breath.